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This post is rather late because we’ve had problems with our broadband connection, hopefully it should be on its way to being fixed now.

On to the compost. This weekend I spent some time clearing the side bed and siteing the second compost bin in its permanent position. Our garden is basically wider than it is long and wider at the bottom end than at the back of the house. All this extra width is the utility room side of the house so is becomming the useful part of the garden. The shed is already there and I’m clearing the bed along the fence of the very large hebe and the daffodils, wild garlic and mint will be moved. I uncovered 3 penstemons which have been cut back but left. I’ll try and take some cuttings if I want to move them but they are ok at the moment.

The original compost bin has been half emptied, mainly of the grass cuttings added recently and these have been mixed with the prunings and some other bits of leaf matter and semi composted bark from else where and filled the second bin already. Both compost bins will be next to each other eventually, I just put the first one on the flattest bit of clear ground near the back door when we got it back in february, unfortunatly it is now sliding down the slope – woops! To make sure this didn’t happen again I actually got the spirit level out at the weekend so it should be ok.

To have some free rain water for the plants there will be a small water butt from the shed roof, unfortunate placement of downpipes from the house means there are very limited places to put water butts without blocking access to patio doors, the garage or the side path. Why can’t developers consider these things when designing houses? This house is less than 20 years old so water butts and an increasing lack of water weren’t exactly new things when it was built.

The rest of the bed will have some comfrey, a rhubarb crown and whatever flowers I can fit in the gaps. I love having flowers in the house so a few I can cut would be great. Sounds like a plan!

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Big cooking weekend

We had guests this weekend so the little one happy and out of the kitchen and I got a lot of cooking done.

Saturday lunch was leek and potato soup, recipe from ‘The Vegetarian Bible’ (Published by Marks and Spencer 2005) with multi grain bread from the bread machine.

For nibbles I made some little cheese biscuits from p157 of ‘the book’ (Seasonal vegetarian, see cookbook challange post) which were lovely and I think you could change the cheese for whatever you have available.

Saturday dinner started with homemade gnocci with pesto and mushrooms. ‘The book’ has a recipe for pesto in it, but I barely glanced at it and didn’t follow the quantities so I don’t think I’ll count that – I’ll wait until summer when my basil has grown and try it properly.

Then chicken on a bed of roasted veg (aubergine, cougette, red pepper, celery and cherry tomatoes) with kohl rabi and potato gratin (Able and Cole cookbook, pg 142). I had hallumi cheese on the veg instead of chicken. If I was cooking the chicken again I’d put it in a tent of foil, I did mess up the timings slightly and it looked a little dry.

Dessert was a lovely chocolate pudding from a recipe given to me by an OU friend.

Sunday lunch started with asparagus and palma ham, no ham for me.

Then roast lamb, a boned and rolled leg; Its more expensive, but I think its easier to cook a larger joint than a smaller one. I use Hugh’s timings from his ‘Meat‘ book and a meat thermometer to check how well done it is. With the meat I did roast potatoes, parmesan roast parsnips, braised red cabbage, carrots and green beans. I was going to cook a stuffed squash recipe that involved cottage cheese for me, but I can’t find the recipe book it’s in. I’m beginning to think there is another box of cookery books somewhere I haven’t unpacked yet, which is bad news as the bookcase in the kitchen is already full, woops. Instead I had a bought nut cutlet.

For pudding I made rhubarb and orange cake which was yummy even tho know one could remember hearing the timer going off that signalled when to turn the oven down so I had no idea how long it had been cooking. I didn’t look at the recipe and think I turned the oven down too much, so the cake took a lot longer to cook than I expected. Very more-ish. The recipe is a waitrose one, but direct links do not work, however it is easy to find via the search facility. Trust me, its worth it 🙂

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