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Busy birds

My order of mealworms arrived this morning from Wiggly Wigglers so the birds got an extra large breakfast. Two robins have been busy picking up beakfuls and carrying them off. Mr and Mrs Blackbird have been eating some but now there is a gang of starlings stuffing their beaks full. I wouldn’t mind if they were eating them but they are dropping most of them so I have been attempting to selectively scare them off, Mr Blackbird is helping. I was hoping the tits would have some but perhaps they aren’t happy with the feeder on the ground. I’ll put some on the tray of the feeding station next time I go out.

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Another bird update

After seeing 3 goldfinches at the same time, I fairly quickly saw 4 at once. I think its two pairs as there are occasional scuffles but most of the time they tolerate each other probably because there are 4 perches on the feeders they like – thistle seeds and sunflower hearts.

I have also started putting live mealworms out to see whether that would tempt anybody down to the patio. The flat feeder on the feeding station doesn’t seem to get any blackbirds or robins on it, I wonder if the feeders hanging nearby put them off. Its only the starlings that ever eat anything there. The feeder on the patio took a couple of days for the birds to find. The first day the mealworms were escaping all over the patio until a greedy starling ate them all up. I think the blackbird has taken a couple and this morning a very busy robin kept coming to take a mealworm back over the fence – hopefully that means theres a nest. Unfortunatly the starling has been back and eaten all the mealworms now so I might put some more out again in a bit.

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