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This post is rather late because we’ve had problems with our broadband connection, hopefully it should be on its way to being fixed now.

On to the compost. This weekend I spent some time clearing the side bed and siteing the second compost bin in its permanent position. Our garden is basically wider than it is long and wider at the bottom end than at the back of the house. All this extra width is the utility room side of the house so is becomming the useful part of the garden. The shed is already there and I’m clearing the bed along the fence of the very large hebe and the daffodils, wild garlic and mint will be moved. I uncovered 3 penstemons which have been cut back but left. I’ll try and take some cuttings if I want to move them but they are ok at the moment.

The original compost bin has been half emptied, mainly of the grass cuttings added recently and these have been mixed with the prunings and some other bits of leaf matter and semi composted bark from else where and filled the second bin already. Both compost bins will be next to each other eventually, I just put the first one on the flattest bit of clear ground near the back door when we got it back in february, unfortunatly it is now sliding down the slope – woops! To make sure this didn’t happen again I actually got the spirit level out at the weekend so it should be ok.

To have some free rain water for the plants there will be a small water butt from the shed roof, unfortunate placement of downpipes from the house means there are very limited places to put water butts without blocking access to patio doors, the garage or the side path. Why can’t developers consider these things when designing houses? This house is less than 20 years old so water butts and an increasing lack of water weren’t exactly new things when it was built.

The rest of the bed will have some comfrey, a rhubarb crown and whatever flowers I can fit in the gaps. I love having flowers in the house so a few I can cut would be great. Sounds like a plan!

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Garden planning

I have managed to spend some time in the garden over the last couple of days and I have had a pruning spree. I removed 2 bushes (One was in a very overcrowded corner of the garden and the other looked very dead and I was fed up of looking at it) and gave a floppy climber-bush-thing a hair cut. The floppy climber-bush-thing now looks much neater and less like a triffid that will grab your ankle as you walk past, it does bear a strong resemblance to the tombliboo bush from In The Night Garden tho…

When we moved in the garden looked great, it looked like it needed a little tidying up and weeding, but that was all. We first saw the house last November and moved in January so we are only just now beginning to see it with leaves out and it is becoming aparent that there are a few problems. The 18ft high cornus’ in the front garden were the first ones to be attacked, they still haven’t shooted again but I’m still hoping and if they don’t it means I have space for new plants so there would be a silver lining.

Yesterday I removed a bush from the corner bed that has, amongst other things, 2 large rowans and 2 rather nice acers in a very small space. The bush was too big and at risk of smothering the acers so I took it out. There are still about 3 too many big plants there, but hopefully with careful pruning they will be fine as I like the acers and the rowans are good screening for the road. The other problem in this bed now is the huge number of suckers from one of the trees just over the fence but its one I can’t fix I’ll just have to cut them off as I notice them.

The dead bush had the potential to be very pretty, it looked like heather or possibly some sort of fine evergreen but with little white star shaped flowers, however 95% was dead and brown. Leaves, needles, or whatever they were dropped off everytime you looked at it and it was right outside the patio door and I was fed up of looking at it.

There are still some bushes I want to get rid of, another dead one that I’m going slowly about removing because it is next to the honeysuckle that I think the blackbird is nesting in, and two the other side of the garden when I’m going to put the veg bed and compost heaps. One is a cotoneaster which has dead bits anyway and the other is a leggy hebe.

It is clear that someone spent a lot of money on plants for this garden when it was layed out and I’m sure it looked beautiful but not enough space was given for those plants to grow so now some parts are very overcrowded and others have grown too big through lack of pruning. Its still a good basis and there are some lovely things which would be very expensive to replace but I also have a chance to make it my own and put things in I like, a little at a time, and give them all space to grow and mature. It should be fun!

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