Invasion of the tomatos

No, not more veg box offerings, grow your own this time. On tuesday I took some of my surplus herb seedlings to a plant swap and ended up with more plants than I was intending to bring back. I certainly wasn’t planning on 3 more tomato plants. I believe they are 1 each of:

  • Marmande
  • San marzano
  • Golden sunrise

It looks like the san marzano and golden sunrise are greenhouse varieties so I don’t know what I’ll do with those, perhaps the mini green house could be adapted be taking the shelves out. Marmande should be ok outside.

So now I have 5 tumbling tom red (3 already in hanging baskets) for little salad toms much loved by the small person; 3 tomato roma for plum tomatoes that I was thinking of making into tomato sauce or similar. The san marzano can go with these if I get any fruit; 4 very small plants of gardener’s delight, more salad tomatoes; 1 marmande which is a beefsteak variety; and 1 golden sunrise which is a yellow salad tomato – pretty!

Unfortunatly I missed out of the black pearl tomato plants that were also at the plant swap, probably for the best but they do sound interesting. I also brought home a small african marigold and a clump of marjoram so thats cool – free plants.

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