Mother’s Day

Yesterday was Mother’s Day in the UK and I got a lovely card and a planted hanging basket so that was really nice. The hanging basket is currently outside my kitchen window but will probably be moved outside the front door as soon as I can arrange for a bracket to be put up there.

I cooked sunday lunch for my parents and made my mum some rocky road after some hints were dropped. I’ll have to let you know whether they tasted ok. I did offer A one of the marshmallows while I was making them, and after eagerly trying it he pulled a really funny face and picked it out of hs mouth with his fingers and gave it back to me, lovely! So that’s the second thing he’s tried and doesn’t like, the other is ice cream. Funny child!

After lunch we attacked the three cornus bushes in the front garden. They were about 18ft high and hadn’t been pruned for several years. I also think that three is too many for the space, but I can’t do a lot about that. They are now cut right down and I have my fingers crossed they will shoot again, if not, I’ll replace them with something else. I do like cornus, just not ones that are threatening to shade the upstairs window.


  1. Maggie said

    LOL! We have several shrubs in the garden like that. The worst is now the bay tree – a marvellous thing to have from a cook’s point of view but it has grown so tall, its branches are now sweeping over the flat roof of or extension and I worry that the bitumen felt will be damaged by them. I think it might be a job for a profesional……….

    glad you liked the mushrom pasta recipe. I added a touch of red chilli to the sauce as well, just to spike the flavour, but it is pretty nice a la Nigel too I should guess.

  2. […] beginning to see it with leaves out and it is becoming aparent that there are a few problems. The 18ft high cornus’ in the front garden were the first ones to be attacked, they still haven’t shooted again but […]

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