Kitchen Gadgets

I love kitchen gadgets. I found it quite difficult in the flat as there was no room for storage and even less worktop space so gadgets had to be put away on top of cupboards and other inaccessible places and they didn’t get used as much as they might. In the bigger kitchen however I have space for the bread machine and a newly aquired microwave combination oven on the work top as well as the steamer, which was one of the few gadgets I did use a lot in the flat. I also have a nice big cupboard to keep the others in so they all get used more.

However the kitchen gadget I couldn’t live without is my slicer – a mandolin (not the musical instrument) – I love it and it makes chopping onions a breeze and is the only way I can get even thin slices of things like potato. Its a rare day I do any cooking and don’t use it. Well, unless I’m baking a cake!

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  1. Maggie said

    Glad you are feeling better after the flu, and into your cooking again. Have you made the kiwi sorbet yet? I must admit I don’t like kiwifruit, but recognise its nutritional value. I normally chuck them in to the juicer when I am using it (another indispensible kitchen gadget!) but the idea of a sorbet sounds good – using the ice cream maker (ANOTHER gadget!). Let me know how it goes and what recipe you used – do you add a sugar syrup to the pureed fruit? Do you sieve out the seeds?

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