Nothing special about tonights dinner, pasta with a quick sauce of roast chicken, red onion, cougette, orange pepper and pasatta, so I won’t talk about it.

However tomorrow I’m hoping to make kiwi fruit sorbet, I have too many fruits in the fridge, A doesn’t seem to be eating them at the moment and they are all going ripe at the same time, I also feel a need to give the ice cream maker some attention. I think today’s sunshine has gone to my head!

I am also hoping to plant some more seeds and maybe pot up the peppers and chillis. I think I have cougettes, aubergines, squash, tomatoes and a few herbs to sow so hopefully the weather will be good and I will have more luck with these than the herbs I tried in feb – out of 6 pots, 2 each of parsley, mint and sage, I have one pot of parsley. I am wondering if the pots were either over watered or dried out at some point as it is whole pots that have failed, but who knows. I will probably try again with the sage and mint, I have saved a few clear plastic trays now to use as mini seed covers so perhaps that would help. I’ll let you know how I get on.

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