Things I’ve been up to

Unfortunatly this week I’ve been ill 😦 so haven’t done much cooking apart from the bare minimum. I did cook a rather nice (If I do say so myself) pea and bacon risotto, no bacon for me, on friday which resulted in three clean plates.No recipe, I just made it up as I went along. I used one of the new Knor stock pot things for the stock, rather than my usual marigold powder. Its a kind of gel instead of a powder and it did look like very concentrated home made stock but I don’t think I’ll buy any more once I’ve used this packet up as the taste wasn’t significantly different and it contains a lot more salt that the reduced salt marigold I usually use. One plus was there are 8 pots in the pack when I originally thought there was only 4.

Yesterday was my first tutorial / dayschool for my OU course S369, otherwise knows as The geological record of environmental change. Its really interesting although I am very behind already. The tutorial did give me a good overview of the bigger picture and explained some things I’d been struggling with. It also resparked my interest so hopefully the reading should go quicker as it has been taking me ages. The jump to level 3 seems quite large still, I’m not looking forward to the first TMA.

The tutorial was in Bristol and far more interesting than the tutorial itself, was the geocaching I did whilst there. See my log here for the full story. What’s geocaching? Well its a sort of treasure hunt using GPS receivers. Great fun and gets you outside and to all sorts of places you wouldn’t otherwise visit.

On the garden front, I haven’t been out there a lot but the daffs are now out and I the chilli and parsley seeds have started growing. I need to get on with the March seed sowings too. Unfortunatly the two white geraniums I planted out in pots caught the frost, I think, and are not looking happy so I might need to replace them with something else. We need to get a lawn mower soon, I can’t believe how fast the grass is growing.


  1. Maggie said

    Hi Rachel, poor you, with a cold. Hope it goes very soon! I had looked at those gel pots of stock on the supermarket shelf, but decided to stick to Marigold too – I should make more stock, I know, but my efforts are limited to boiling roast chicken carcases, which makes a good basis for a soup.

    We are attempting food-growing for the first time in ages. We garden a lot, but all flowers! We did try outdoor tomatoes a few years back but the squirrels ate them all which was very dispiriting. I am going to plant lots of cut-and-come again salad leaves, some basil and radishes, and hubby wants to try growing potatoes in a bin…hmmmm! We’ll see about that! I don’t particularly want my patio cluttered up with a ginormous rubbish bin with a jungle growing out the top!

    Anyway, keep cooking when you can, and good luck with the first TMA – I am half-way through mine, due on Thursday – Level 3 also, in Film and TV history – the last, indulgent, one in a Social Science degree


  2. jenandberry said

    I make chicken stock when I have done a roast, and usually make soup for the boys (or leave it in the freezer til the label falls off and I don’t know what it is any more…) but otherwise I use veggie stock, and I always feel its a waste of veggies to make veg stock so put so little variety in the ready made stuff tastes better. I usually use the marigold in the purple tub, but ocassionaly I decide I have to buy a box of oxo to put in the stock cube dispenser my grandad made and then realise after the first cube why I don’t buy oxo, they taste so salty to me. I think i need to find something else the same size to use the dispenser for.

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