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I haven’t done much cooking worth blogging about this week. Its only been me and the little one so I’ve been doing quick things as he doesn’t have much patience with me cooking and would rather I spent the time playing with him. I have been following the final of Masterchef closely tho. I have been swinging from one finalist to another as who I’d back as the winner but until I’d seen the final 3 course meal they all cooked I hadn’t guessed correctly. Well done Mat, that food looked amazing! I hope all 3 of them manage to do what they want to in food, they are obviously all very good chefs and I think any of them could have won on a different day.

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Celeriac, again

Just a quick note to say thanks for the celeriac suggestions, I’ve used a little more up as mash yesterday. Hopefully the rest will still be ok on monday as I don’t have to cook this weekend so I won’t be able to use it till then. Why does food always taste better if someone else cooks it? I’m looking forward to my Dad’s roast dinner tomorrow, he does fab roast potatoes, much better than I can manage. Anyway, I might try soup with the celeriac. Happy cooking everyone.

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Cookbook challange

Someone in the OU Food and Drink forum came up with the idea of picking a cook book and trying to cook as many of the recipes from that book during 2009. I have decided to join in and the book I have chosen is ‘Seasonal Vegetarian’ by Sarah Bounds. This is now out of print I believe, but I am using the ‘revised and extended’ edition, with a publication date of 1986. Its a Mark’s and Spencer book, if this helps anyone track down a copy.

I have chosen a vegetarian book as I am vegetarian but my husband (M) and little boy (A) aren’t and I want to cook more especially for me. Sometimes I cook something different for the boys with meat in it, or add meat at the end for them but M doesn’t like a lot of vegetables so this restricts what I can cook. If its just me and A I can be more adventurous, even tho he is only 16 months old, he eats pretty much anything and loves his veg. Sunday roast is probably his favorite meal though.

The book is divided into seasons although I am looking at the chapters either side and not sticking ridgidly to their definition of seasons. According to the book it is winter until the end of Feburary, and then it will be spring. I am hoping this is going to hold true.

I also get a weekly veg box delivery on a wednesday so I adapt recipes to what I have received or need to use up. At the moment I am cooking a lot of soup to use things up – parsnips again, anyone have any more recipes for parsnip soup? – and because I like A to have something hot at lunchtime. He likes dunking his bread into soup, very cute.

Hopefully this gives you some idea what sort of cook I am. Please don’t expect lots of pretty pictures of what I cook, I’m afraid I don’t usually have time to grab the camera before it gets eaten, and photography is more M’s thing. If you want to see the blogs of other people doing this challange please look at the list at the side.

Now I have most of a large celeriac to use up from this weeks box and ‘the book’ doesn’t mention them which is a good start. Yesterday I adapted a favorite recipe from here, using onions instead of shallots, celeriac instead of celery and I added a carrot for good measure. I forgot to add a parsnip, doh! I cooked it a little longer because of the harder root veg and I had no basil (still need to get the herb garden up and growing) but it was jolly tasty anyway and used up some of the enormous (and pretty ugly!) celeriac. Not sure what to do with the rest.

Tonight was mushroom and white wine risotto, a favorite I don’t use a recipe for, and used up the mushrooms from the box. I haven’t decided what to cook for the rest of the week but celeriac, cabbage and parsnips are likely to feature a lot. Suggestions welcome 🙂

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Another new blog being started in 2009, it seems to have been ‘the’ new years resolution this year, at least with people I know. I had thought I’d start blogging again in the new year but have only just got settled enough after our house move to get round to it now, so here is my new blog.  What am I going to talk about? Bit of this, and a bit of that probably. I enjoy cooking in my new and bigger kitchen, gardening in the new garden, (have you guessed we moved from a flat yet?) knitting, studying geology with the Open University and geocaching. Oh, and eating chocolate, but there isn’t much more to say about that.

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